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After bravely serving her country in Iraq, Frankie Byrne Tennyson is finally home. Home to a husband whose lingering feelings of abandonment make her wonder if their lives can ever be the same. Home to a daughter whose painful encounters with bullies can only be healed by a mother’s love. And home to a father who still can’t accept his daughter’s decision to serve. But the most difficult part about coming home lies within Frankie herself. To save everything she holds dear, she must face the toughest battle of her life…

A moving portrait of a modern American family, WHEN SHE CAME HOME reminds us that some things — honor, acceptance, and, above all, love — are truly worth fighting for.



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The Good Sister was named a Great Group Read by the Women's National Book Association for National Reading Group Month.

The Good Sister won the Theodor S. Geisel Award at the 17th Annual San Diego Book and Writing Awards.

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