I don’t know when I get up in the morning if the work will go well or easily or if it will be like trying to invent a language to say what I need to. I’m thinking of one of those days when you go to the gym and all the twenty pound weights are masquerading as ten pounders and the second hand on the clock is stuck at three quarters of the hour you’ve promised you’ll spend on the treadmill.

The subject of this chapter is Divorce. DIVORCE. I’m not against it. Or for it. I know from experience that it’s really hard on children and the guilt gets spread around pretty generously. In the case of this character, Robin, I think it’s the best thing. But still the words won’t come. What I usually do when I hit a gnarly point like this, I take a nap. Naps are terrific for refreshing the point of view. But that’s not an option today so instead I’m staring out the window. What a peculiar way to earn a living. Using the term loosely, of course.

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