Postpartum Depression

I’m going through a kind of postpartum depression now.

When I finish a book I expect to be over the moon but instead there’s a real let down. All I want to do is sleep, blah-blah. I wonder if there isn’t a similar feeling after any big event or accomplishment. After Art and I brought home our four day old son, there were a couple of crazy but good weeks while I learned how to make formula and change diapers. Then I hit a wall and got really depressed. Realized I wasn’t cut out for motherhood but, so sorry, too late now. Did I mention my son’s adopted? Art and I had been waiting so long, not months but years and years, for his arrival. I was so happy he was ours but I really regretted the whole thing. His crib was next to my desk and at night I worked on my novel (the never-to-be-published epic) and felt sorry for myself. So it’s partly a mental thing. Add in hormones gone wild and no wonder moms get depressed.

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