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Old Friends

I just finished a long and then very long email to a friend from college, a woman I see maybe once every five years and with whom I correspond maybe twice a year.  As I was writing, I found myself speaking more candidly than I would to most people. I started to remember what she looked like at twenty, the way her hair was always a dark, smooth and shiny cap while mine was mouse-brown, curly and untidy. Her smile was beautiful and still is. I was good at smiling so I didn’t envy her that. But the hair, the hair! And guess what? She still has it and I’m still envious!

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Sere Halverson has sold her book!

Most of you are saying, “So what? Who’s she?”

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The Day a Teacher Broke the Rules

At least a week has gone by without any new stories about bullying in schools, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going on. I’ve been thinking a lot about an incident that occurred when our younger son (YS) was in elementary school. The details on this incident have faded with time though the salient points remain vivid in my mind.

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