Sere Halverson has sold her book!

Most of you are saying, “So what? Who’s she?”

Sere is a wonderfully talented writer who briefly attended some of my classes many years ago. She went on to have a life like the rest of us: lots of ups and downs, family disasters and victories. Reality. Through all of it, working for a living and raising a family, she never stopped writing. Those of us who knew Sere (there should be an accent over the second “e” but I don’t know how to insert it and I’m too rushed this p.m. to figure it out), we all wondered (1) how the book industry could continue to reject her work and (2) where her energy and persistence came from. I was lucky enough to spend a week with her in Italy two years ago. I was teaching at Elle Newmark’s Lake Como workshop and Sere was attending. She was philosophical about her lack of “success.” She never talked about quitting.

Her book (and I wish I knew the title but it’s virtually certain the publisher will change it) has sold to publishers throughout Europe: France, Italy, GB. They all want this book and suddenly, having slogged along in anonymity for years, Sere’s name is synonymous with beautiful writing, captivating characters and a great plot. Even Brazil is writing checks. Sere Halverson. Remember that name.

This weekend is the date of the Southern California Writers’ Conference. I’ll be there, teaching NovelCram. Judy Reeves will weave her magic and Mark Clements will hold forth at the Night Owl sessions. It’s a terrific conference with a rich mix of staff and attendees. During NovelCram I’m going to talk about Sere, about her long road to recognition. What separates the writers from the wannabes? Persistence, talent, and a buoyant spirit. Just ask Sere.

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