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Migraine Headaches

I think what I hate the most is the way they come at me out of nowhere. I’m back from Pilates, sitting at my desk with a cup of San Diego’s best coffee (Jitters on Morena, folks!), a full tank of ambition and suddenly there’s a flash of light the size of a thumbtack and I’m out of my chair like a rocket. It used to be that if I caught a headache at this flashing aura stage, I could bull through it. I’ve had it happen in the middle of a Novel Cram weekend with twenty students expecting me to be one hundred percent on it and my old meds, Midrin, got me through. But Midrin isn’t available now and Fioricet doesn’t do it.

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A Great Weekend!

I should be working on the proposal for my new book. But I keep being distracted by thoughts of what a good weekend we had.

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What does an author owe her reader?

Good morning, friends. Let me say right off that the thoughts in this piece were written in a grumpy and resentful frame of mind. I guess that’s called a disclaimer.

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