A Great Weekend!

I should be working on the proposal for my new book. But I keep being distracted by thoughts of what a good weekend we had.

Saturday I drove out to Lakeside to see husband, Art, play polo, which is his favorite pastime. The horses are in good shape except poor Zarahas who has been on injured reserve for over a year now and has lost muscle tone at the same time he’s gained weight. His mane is growing out, sticking up in every direction, and he hasn’t lost all his winter coat yet. Looks like someone’s old fur coat or a wild horse of the steppes. In the next couple of weeks we should know if his split tendon (treated with the latest thing in equine stem cell therapy, incidentally) has healed enough to allow him to trot. For the last year he’s been limited to short periods of walking, poor little guy. It seems to have made him more affectionate. I gave him a cookie and he slathered my left eye with a wet kiss. Probably not the smartest thing in the world to let your horse kiss your face, but he is such a hunk.

Art waiting for a Chukka

Art waits for the next Chukka

I sat in the stands and watched eight chukkas of friendly-fierce polo. The Herring Ranch field has been the scene of great matches for more than fifty years. It’s a hybrid field which means it’s grass but not as big as the classic polo field and it’s fenced (like arena polo) except at the goals which are open. Great size for watching the game.

Herring Ranch's hybrid polo field

Herring Ranch's hybrid polo field

So, anyway, I sat in the stands wearing a hat to protect me from the ferocious East County sun which shines in degrees of brightness inversely proportionate to the depth of the marine layer shrouding our house. In case that sentence didn’t make sense, here’s a translation. It was cold on the coast and 100 degrees 25 miles inland.

Sunday the Clan Campbell came to brunch and we were blessed with three hours of half-hearted sunshine so we got to eat outside in the garden. Alas, despite cheese and béchamel sauce, bacon and mushrooms, the food was boring so everyone will have to come back next month so I can try again. Kids didn’t care. Art had cut a lot of blood oranges into quarters and they ate so many that Gray literally broke out in a rash or hives or something. They played in the sandbox and searched the nasturtium leaves for green worms to take home.

April Brunch


We have two mocking bird pairs this year, one with a nest in the dragon tree out front and the second in the olive tree in the back. It’s nice when you have a party and the mockers provide the music. Dueling Mozarts.

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2 Responses to “A Great Weekend!”

  1. Art Campbell says:

    Talk about blessed– how harmonic is it to live 44 volatile years with a best-selling novelist, gourmet cook, adventurer, gardner, plus trainer of writers and husband(s)? “OMG-awesome” is all I’ll say about other talent you may have wondered about. Or not. (But it’s your loss and I intend to keep it that way!) Cheers! Art

  2. MarieAntoinetteDelaunay-Hart says:

    Dear friends, I know I have said this before, so more than likely you will not believe it. But, like Mother Theresa said, “Say it anyway”. I have been wanting to go watch Art playing for Eternity. My only excuse is, that I want to do too many things and the Geography aspect of it does not help.
    Here is some…:) Daughter with lovely child,my Grandaughter Lorelei, lives in Valley Center, that takes a whole day and a half or more if we stay over. My wonderful grandson Zachery(age 20 soon to Merge to 21)lives in a wonderful little house in Ramona, in the open country. I have to play roulette to see if seeing his “admirers” or Grandmama could possibly fit without disrupting the entire yearly calendar.Hubby wants to be able to travel and adjust to my desires(Rome or Tahiti, Italian Alps or Koblenz, Shopping or Dancing with the Germans, painting or riding my horse…etc there is more but…forget it…)
    So, you will have to force me to say: ” This is Art’s Polo weekend, just GO!” In the meanwhile, we just wish you a Wonderful Easter and love to hear your Mozart Konzert ….one of these Days !

    Until then, Ciao Ciao Auf Wiedersehen and Good wishes of Health and Love Marie and Bob