The Countdown Begins

I’m so deep in HONOR & GLORY these days that it came as kind of a shock when The Bear reminded me that it’s only three months ‘til the LITTLE GIRL GONE pub date and I’d better start blogging and tweeting.

I’ve never tweeted in my life but I guess I have to learn.

As a child I was led to believe that bragging was almost a sin and the 11th Commandment was Thou shalt not be conceited or talk about yourself. When I tell my mom that I’m blogging about how good my new book is, she raises her eyebrows and tilts her head to the side just a degree or three, enough to let me know she doesn’t quite approve.

Little Girl Gone by Drusilla CampbellBut LITTLE GIRL GONE is a good book and I think you’re going to really like it. The characters are special, each of them. Madora, Willis, Django and Foo. Madora was a name before she was anything else in my imagination. And I knew she came from Yuma, Arizona. Don’t ask me why, I just knew it. When LITTLE GIRL GONE was barely more than an outline, Art and I drove to Yuma so I could find Madora. She’s a child of that dusty, sprawling, single-story desert town, one of those lost girls you see hanging out in the 7/11 parking lot or smoking behind the school. There’s something starved in her expression and a longing, a need to be safe and loved and free. Madora makes big mistakes, but at base her instincts are good. Mostly.

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