One of the characters in LITTLE GIRL GONE is a pit bull named Foo. Actually, he was part of this story during an earlier incarnation and almost ended up in the discard pile for plots, ideas and characters that for some reason don’t work out.

He came into my mind (and my heart, I have to say) about the time Michael Vick and dog fighting were the big news story. I wanted to write a novel about a woman and her son who get caught up in that terrible life and end up saving the dogs and themselves. But when I suggested this idea to my editor and agent, they told me not to waste my time because no one would want to read a book with the words “dog fight” and “pit bull” in the cover notes.

I’m pragmatic and not interested in writing a book no one wants to read so I put the idea away but when I started writing LITTLE GIRL GONE up popped that little pit bull puppy and now he had a name: Foo. Don’t ask me why; that’s the name he came with.

I have a wary fondness for pit bulls or as they are more correctly called, Staffordshire Terriers. It’s not their fault that their aggressive natures and strong bodies have been abused and trained for violence. Men, not dogs corrupted the bloodlines. When raised and trained and loved by people who know how to deal with big bold dogs, STs are loyal and affectionate. A well-bred, well-reared ST is great with children. Indeed, most of the dogs rescued from the Vick raid now live with families who love them and trust them.

As much as any smart dog owner trusts a big strong canine, which is a lot but never one hundred percent. A responsible dog owner has to be a realist.

Gus - Our Adopted Pitbull

Art and I contribute to the support of a Staffordshire Terrier named Gus who was abandoned at the side of the road with a smashed and festering hind leg that had to be amputated. He’s no beauty, he’s got three legs and a head the size of a basketball. But he’s friendly and sweet natured and he has a home for life through a sanctuary program here in Southern California.

If you’d like to know more about supporting a dog in sanctuary, let me know and I’ll be happy to connect you.

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