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In Praise of Mini-Vacations

Sometimes living in San Diego can feel claustrophobic. I feel trapped between the vast snarl of Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean, the desert and Mexico. It’s a good minivacation when we go north of L.A. Almost immediately the landscape begins to change. The oak trees get bigger and more like something out of Tolkien. In the fields and wild places, the plant life is greener and thicker and less likely to have thorns on its stems or prickles at the tips of its leaves. Just coming to Ojai, less than two hundred miles from home, is a terrific getaway.

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Late, late, late

Why do I do this to myself? I know tomorrow will be a busy day but nevertheless, after spending the afternoon and evening at a fun Super Bowl party where I discovered Tequila Lime Chicken Wings, I have stayed up way beyond my bedtime playing Bookworm. I’ve reached the level of Publisher Emeritus and my eyes are crossing.

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