There are so many temptations that lure me away from my work.

Instead of doing revisions on HONOR AND GLORY, I’d like to get back into the book I’m currently reading on my Kindle. It’s about a near future when climate change is something people have stopped arguing about and just have to live with. In  the North, the ice is almost gone and vast stores of mineral wealth have been discovered on Baffin Island, Greenland and so on. Adventurers have traded in the Wild West for the Wild North. ARCTIC RISING by Tobias Buckell has given me a whole new set of worries about the future.

Instead of doing revisions or reading about a dystopian future, I could be in my garden which has come to flourishing life after the long soaking rain we had last weekend.

I could be at Dogs’ Beach with Art, Diva and Lexy.

Instead of revising, reading or gardening or beaching, I could be playing “Bookworm.” I made the mistake of installing it on my phone so now that snarky little green worm calls to me from all my electronic devices. My last game went on for several weeks and more than twenty-four hours. I just frosted out at roughly one million, eight hundred thousand.

I wonder if I can beat that next time.

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