Introducing Sweet Thyme Baby!

SWEET THYME BABY is a book about change, about the way we fight it even when it might make our lives richer, happier. It’s also about greed and ambition and runaway egos. Shame and guilt play a big part in the story too. And I can’t forget love. SWEET THYME BABY is definitely a love story.

It’s also about a garden.


I wrote STB many years ago at a time when no one wanted to publish my books and I was collecting rejection slips from agents and editors. In the midst of feeling hopeless I had a breakthrough moment. I was reading LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA and this is literally what happened. I put the book down and I caught my breath as a I realized that anything, anything at all, could happen to a character, that no reach of plot was too farfetched if – and this was crucial and definitely the hard part – characters and events were motivated in way that connected to readers’ emotions.


The light bulb went on over my head and I saw the possibilities of novel-writing in a wide new way. In that mood, I wrote STB, reading sections of it aloud to my critique group and basking in their approval. I was about three quarters of the way through when Peggy Lang, my friend and fellow writer, told me I had done something in the story that she could not accept. She said right out that she didn’t want to read any more of the book. I thought she was being sentimental and went on and completed the book in my own way. Shortly afterwards, my novel WILDWOOD sold, I became involved with revisions and ideas for another book, and I let STB languish deep in my computer.


Last spring I opened it up again and when I read it I realized that Peggy had been absolutely right. I had done something that a reader might well call unforgiveable. I went back into it and rewrote the second half. Having done that, I knew I couldn’t bury STB in my computer again. Nor did I want to submit it to my editor because I knew she’d say it didn’t “suit her needs.” Isn’t that what editors always say when they don’t want to hurt a writer’s feelings?


My son, Rocky, told me I should serialize it, and as with all things digital, he’s helping me do it. The first section of SWEET THYME BABY will be up on the website this afternoon. We’ll follow it up with daily posts for the next week. After that, we’ll be posting three installments a week. Each section is about a 10-15 minute read – perfect for your coffee, lunch, or a bedtime read. There will be a lot coming at you, but don’t worry. If you miss an installment, there will be plenty of chances to catch up!


I hope you enjoy SWEET THYME BABY. And I hope you’ll let me know your thoughts by sending me an email.


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One Response to “Introducing Sweet Thyme Baby!”

  1. Peggy Lang says:

    This is from me, Peggy, the critique-giver who originally balked at Dru’s plot twist. Since Dru kept on writing, I assumed that she chalked up my ideas as a writerly difference of opinion, because the last thing I want to do is discourage a brilliant writer. Yet I simply couldn’t bring myself to be excited about finishing the story–fabulous as Dru’s writing is–because the original direction broke my spirit vis a vis a story I’d been emotionally attached to. So, I’m thrilled that this new plot direction will challenge me in a way that keeps me hoping and caring. I’ve already read the first installment, and I’m hooked all over again.
    –Peggy Lang