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Book Review: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Life After Life by Kate AtkinsonI like looking at all the Kate Atkinson books I have lined up in my bookcase. Behind the Scenes at the Museum. Human Croquet. Emotionally Weird and more. The covers remind me of the hours of pleasure this author has given me. There’s a directness and generosity in Atkinson’s writing that makes her voice a stand out in a time when half the books I read are by authors striving for a barely nuanced, too cool style and the other half exhaust the reader with their individuality.
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When She Came Home

Costco! Why does it keep dragging me back when I can’t get my tequila wings anymore? Saturday I was picking up three restored photos I’d taken down from the gallery in the upstairs hall. One, a black and white publicity photo from more than thirty years ago, was turning yellow but when I retrieved it Saturday, it looked brand new.

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Gone Girl with Me, Myself, and I

I couldn’t avoid reading GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn. For one thing, the title is very close to that of my last book, LITTLE GIRL GONE. Everywhere I looked – in magazines, in blogs and on Twitter – there was GONE GIRL and always there was lots of chatter associated with it.

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