When She Came Home

Costco! Why does it keep dragging me back when I can’t get my tequila wings anymore? Saturday I was picking up three restored photos I’d taken down from the gallery in the upstairs hall. One, a black and white publicity photo from more than thirty years ago, was turning yellow but when I retrieved it Saturday, it looked brand new.

WSCH CostcoWalk out, I told myself, but the books lured me deeper into the warehouse. I was so surprised to see copies of my just released title, WHEN SHE CAME HOME. But, wait, there’s more. Snugged in next to this was a stack of Madora’s story, LITTLE GIRL GONE. And next to it, copies of THE GOOD SISTER, the story of Roxanne and Simone. Three different books. A blizzard of books by me.


I stood in the aisle and grinned. That moment was something the woman in the newly restored photo had only dreamed about.


As far back as I remember, I’ve been a marathon day dreamer, cheered on and inspired by an imagination that has never let me down. During “the rejection years,” it kept the hope alive in me. Once, driving from D.C. to Morgantown, I got so excited imagining how I’d spend my first advance (for a book I hadn’t finished writing) that I drove off the road.


The latest is WHEN SHE CAME HOME, the story of Marine Corps Captain Frankie Tennyson who returns from Iraq to find her family, and herself, in crisis.


Available everywhere books are sold.


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