Inside the Novel

(Dictated by Dru to Art)
For most of my life, I’ve known about this distant presence called Death. I’ve also believed we only really “live” in the present moment and I’ve based some of my novels on this view. On the other hand, I’d been operating as if I had an unlimited number of moments in my life. Now suddenly I’m facing both death and the fact I have only a limited number of moments. With these truths now literally “realized,” I’m shocked to see that before I’d only treated them as theories. Now I’m actually inside the novel. For me and the many loved ones who’ve been reaching out to me, these facts are here, now, and real. So, finding myself inside the novel, my guess-what for today is “How do I deal with them?”

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7 Responses to “Inside the Novel”

  1. Allan Buck says:

    I have encountered death on several occasions this life time. It is not death, it is being reborn, renevatio en spiritu, rebirth in Spirit.
    We do not deal with our position, we handle our position. Your Spirit has always been strong and a guiding light for others. Do not let your time to cross over diminish that light.
    You have much to offer others as you journey through this period. You have much to enlighten others with. Share your journey with others.
    Do not be sad about having to depart this earthly plain, be joyful because on the other side you will be able to do helpful things for others that you could not do here.
    You will always be able to talk to Art and other family members. You will always be able to do things to let them know you are about. And you will be able to hear them respond to you.
    You have been a wonder upon this earth, touching so many hearts. Peace be with you Drusilla.

  2. Judy Reeves says:

    Dru, I’m delighted that you’re finding a way to “write,” whether it’s through dictating to Art (or me, I’d be glad to help, too), or putting your actual fingers to the keyboard. I love your voice, story-wise, conversation-wise or any other wise you choose to share. Instead of writing novels, maybe you’re writing flash.
    Sending love,

  3. Jennifer Silva Redmond says:

    I thought I had something clever and insightful b to say, but Judy said it all. Keep writing. .. Love you!

  4. Mignon says:

    I too am facing death as I have chosen ” palliative ” care now. I have a wonderful support system and I feel like I am draiing them. It has been 2 years since my cancer returned. Now I am ready to leave. I am assured that my Lord and Savior will welcome me. I am able to continue knitting and keep up my journal. I pray you will receive solice and a comfort to your readers and friends.

  5. Betsy says:

    I believe that by asking the question “how do I deal with them?” you are already dealing with the facts as they exist “inside the novel.” You are being generous when you share these moments in writing because it brings everyone who reads “inside” even if for a little while. Thank you.

  6. Sharon Gilfillan says:

    I’m happy for every bit you write of your thoughts
    feelings observations realizations fears hopes &c.

  7. Bill says:

    Though walking through death’s dismal shade, no evil will I fear; Thy rod, Thy staff shall lend me aid, for Thou art ever near.
    John Quincy Adams