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Bad News

(Dictated By Dru to Art on Oct. 11)


What do you do when the news is bad? You’re having a day that began in a fairly normal way: Juice, pills, cottage cheese. Then you get into a car and are driven to see your oncologist. Somehow you felt the bad news was coming. It was the prickle of hairs on the back of your neck, a tightness of breathing that you can’t explain. The news is only slightly less difficult to hear when it’s from your favorite doctor.

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Cancer and I Have a Short but Serious Conversation

(Dictated by Dru to Art on 10 Aug 2014)


Last night I enjoyed a rare, nearly full-night’s sleep. It was bliss. I threw away two of my four sitting-up-to-sleep pillows and slept on my side, which is an under-appreciated experience.

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Urgent Care



I’d been trying to ignore my symptoms for a couple of weeks: lack of energy, no creativity, a pain under my wing when I coughed. Then my teeth started to ache and I called the dentist, imagining abscesses and root canals. He proclaimed my teeth just fine but maybe my sinuses weren’t?


Who knew that we have sinuses in our gums?
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