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(Written by Dru 1998, reviewed by Dru Sept 16, 2014, and discovered by Art, October 20th, 2014)


For you my dearest ones in the world, those with whom I hope to spend many more lifetimes, I want you to know what I am most grateful for at this moment, now, as I sit writing this with tears streaming down my face. That way, when I am dying you will know that I have loved my life and learned from it.


I am grateful…


— That I got to have a marriage to my soul mate.

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About six weeks ago I announced on FB that our Doberman, Diva, has cancer. The doctor’s prognosis was grim and led us to expect that she would go downhill quickly. Diva has surprised us. I hear her outside my window now, barking at the FedEx truck. If she has a form of fast spreading melanoma, she doesn’t know it. Her energy and personality are blessedly unchanged since the grim day of her diagnosis. Tomorrow that may change and for today we are grateful.

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